The Entitlement at Manhattan Film Festival

    CABORCA's first feature film has been accepted into a major festival--help us finish it in time!

     New York, NY, United States
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    We in Caborca are proud to say you know us as your favorite bilingual experimental multimedia theatre company in New York. But did you know that we are also a film production company? Or at least, we are now!!! About two years ago, we began filming The Entitlement, our first feature film, written and directed by our Artistic Director Javier Antonio González, shot by company members Marcos Toledo and Michael Barringer, and featuring the work of many of Caborca's members and friends both in front of and behind the camera. A year ago, we began working with the most incredible post-production team including Editor Josh Melrod and Sound Editor Barbaros "Baros" Kaynak.

    After all of this, we are thrilled, tickled, and astonished to announce that The Entitlement has been accepted into the Manhattan Film Festival one of's "25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World." It is especially meaningful to us that our film will have its premiere in New York City, where we have been making and showing our work since our founding in 2009. 

    Upon arriving at an idyllic retreat for the terminally suicidal, a troubled young woman finds herself investigating a mysterious death away from the watchful eye of the enigmatic doctor and his wife.

    Our screening is set for Saturday, April 28th at 7pm
    Tickets are available

    This has been a labor of enormous love, time, commitment, and let's not forget it, cost! The amazing thing about being accepted into a festival such as the MFF is knowing that our work is going to be seen by so many of our friends, family, and luminaries of the theatre and film world. The challenging thing about being accepted into a festival such as the MFF is that we now have less than one month to complete the final elements of post-production, namely color correction and licensing the incredible music that makes up the film's score, composed by some astonishingly brilliant artists from New York and around the world. 

    Not to beat around the bush, color correction is going to run us about $10k, and licensing our music is another $9k or so. We are working around the clock to raise the money from Caborca's previous donors, but if we can make a dent through this platform with the help of our friends, family, and community of theatre and film lovers, it will put us in a WAY better position to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that the MFF affords Caborca.

    Please, if you have anything to spare, consider making a donation to support truly independent filmmaking the way it has always been done -- with a group of like-minded artists sleeping on couches and floors, cooking for each other, holding boom-mics and reflectors when they're off-camera, and building work that they believe in from the bottom of their souls.



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    We value every donation of every size! Many people have contributed financially to this film over the years, and the reward for every one of you who has and will step up to help is our most heartfelt thanks, expressed in person given the opportunity and in the credits of The Entitlement for all to see (as long as we receive your donation before the credits are finalized -- around April 1st).