Change of Heart... Never Say Never Movie

    Change of Heart... Never Say Never Movie

    Healing The World Begins With You

     Atlanta and Surrounding Areas, GA, United States
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    The "Change of Heart... Never Say Never" Movie is a dramatic feature about a young African American man who harbors unforgiveness and strife well into his adulthood for his dad, due to something he saw him do as a child. That pride then opens the door to unforeseen issues within his own family and makes room for the unthinkable to happen to one of his kids. This feature will be shot in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas where Georgia has now become a renown filming place for the film industry.

    It will be directed by Michael McClendon, a writer/director/actor for both screen and stage.  Among his most recent directorial efforts are the current theatrical release Stand Your Ground (, Dead Channels, Locations, and Inseparable.   His films received a nomination for Best Picture and won the Bronze Best Drama at the ICVM Film Festival and won Best Picture at the PVI Film Festival, as well as numerous international awards from Italy's Roma CineFest, Scotland's Feel The Reel Film Festival, and the Oaxaca International Film Festival.  Inseparable picked up two First Place trophies at the 2017 Avalonia Film Festival. 

    Michael's screenplays have already won Best Screenplay awards at the Indie Horror Film Festival and the Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival. He most recently won screenplay awards for the upcoming family film The Mustard Seed Kids and the horror film Suffer Creek.  In 2013, he was awarded First Place Motion Picture Screenplay at the Alaska International Film Festival. As an actor and acting coach, Michael will ensure that the best cast is attached as well.

    Nikki R. Miller, an Author, Actor, Singer and now Screenwriter of "Change of Heart... Never Say Never", was once a victim of child sexual abuse, but through healing, overcame that hurt and desire to help others do the same. Nikki is a native of Saint Petersburg/Tampa, Florida and has been involved in the entertainment industry since the early 90's, mainly as a singer and actor. She believes in making a difference in the world by being a light in the entertainment industry and helping others. The story she's written is fiction; however, all of the issues addressed are real and will still be an enjoyable movie to watch. Nikki also wrote the novel with the same title and released it in July of 2016, which is now for sale on and

    Join her as she kicks off with her initiative of bringing more awareness to child sexual abuse by supporting her movie with tax-deductible donations to the extent permitted by law, which will help with bringing this full feature drama that will demonstrate the importance of forgiveness, fatherhood and highlight child sexual abuse awareness. She's requesting your support to help her raise $5,100 to do an exciting sizzle reel which will give a glimpse into what the movie will be like! That amount covers the director, director of photography, editing, graphics, music, actors and paperwork.

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