The future of film, TV, and digital media is female.

    Female Artistic & Commercial Entrepreneur Support (FACES) Launch Campaign

    FACES is a not-for-profit organization aimed at helping women break into the entertainment industry. Together we will dance on the shards of broken glass ceilings.

     New York, NY
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    This campaign may have ended, but it's not too late to support FACES. Click here to make a donation now!

    Female Artistic & Commercial Entrepreneur Support, Inc. (FACES) aims to increase the number of female voices in the film, TV, and digital media industries. It seeks to do so by providing women with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to approach their careers like small businesses, most directly through job placement assistance and access to their own creative platform. On a broader scale, FACES hopes that increasing women’s influence in these industries will lead to the general public’s greater exposure to various female perspectives and experiences.

    Hear their unique voices at FemaleACEs.organd on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    We are very passionate about our mission to help women begin and maintain successful careers in the entertainment industry. The disproportionately low number of women working behind the camera in film, TV, and digital media not only represents an alarming gap in gender parity for women both currently working in the industry and those still trying to break in, but also severely limits the strength of the collective female voice that can serve to empower the youngest females in our society for generations to come.
    We are extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve already with very little outside financial support. In the relatively short time since our launch, we’ve been directly responsible for placing women in jobs on film productions and freelance projects for studios and networks including Marvel, Netflix, Showtime, NBC’s SyFy/Chiller and AMC Studios, but it seems like our Female ACEs are everywhere these days, sporting our t-shirts on set with pride.
    “Basically you were hired before you got here because Brittany recommended you.” – Alec Bates, Location Coordinator on Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman
    We’ve organized an inspiring and educational FACE the Experts Panel, featuring five strong female leaders in NYC film/TV production to discuss what they look for when filling their entry-level positions. This was followed by a networking event that also served as our official launch party.
    “I got so much out of the events! I exchanged info with one of the panelists, we met up and have been helping each other with our projects. At the party, I met an on-camera talent manager and we're in contract negotiations now. It's really amazing how many opportunities grew out of that one night and I have FACES to thank for that.” – Jacqueline Pereda
    We have also produced (and continue to produce) various forms of content including a monthly talk show, social videos, and weekly blogs/vlogs (we even have one with puppets!), that serve five distinct purposes:
    1.     To showcase and augment genuine female voices in all their glorious and unique forms
    2.     To provide opportunities for women to gain necessary experience, build their resumes, and enhance their reels in order to begin or advance their careers
    3.     To create work environments where women can earn recommendations and referrals by the FACES team to potential employers by demonstrating their work ethic, reliability, and skillsets. 
    4.     To offer educational resources for those looking to gain an edge as they attempt to navigate the tumultuous entertainment landscape.
    5.     To more effectively spread awareness about the lack of women in the industry, its effects on society as a whole, and what our organization is doing to combat these issues through the realization of our mission.

    But we need your help to keep up the momentum.

    Your donations will enable us to continue to create this important content, and the critical opportunities it provides for young women. Your support will also help us with the many (“less sexy”) costs that have been and continue to be required to create and grow a new nonprofit organization such as:

    ·       Legal & Accounting fees,
    ·       Incorporation costs/dues,
    ·       Insurance costs,
    ·       Other startup costs (website creation and maintenance, brand development, office equipment, among others)

    We want to be able to legitimize FACES as a fully-functioning, successful non-profit organization which will have long-lasting, positive effects in the world of entertainment as well as in society in general. With each donation that is made, our chances of achieving these goals grow stronger.

    Please consider giving whatever you can to help keep FACES powering forward! Please join us, and together we will dance on the shards of broken glass ceilings.

    FACES is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of FACES must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



    FACES T-Shirt (Avail in S, M, L, XL)

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    An original FACES T-shirt with logo and “Together we will dance…” tagline (See social media for photos) 

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    Remote Career Consultation

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    In-depth resume, cover letter, and/or reel review. Career consultation via email. 

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    Name listed with Special Thanks during credits of professionally-produced FACES PSA 

    In-Person Career Consultation

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    In-depth resume, cover letter, and/or reel review. In-person meeting and career consultation. 

    Invite to Industry Party

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    Accompany our Executive Director to a crew party for a major feature film or TV show in early 2018. 

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