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    Six women. Two decades. One mountain. Help Hook & Eye’s newest project come to Brooklyn spring 2018!

     Brooklyn, NY, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    SHE-SHE-SHE is all new and coming to you in MAY 2018!
    This vibrant collaborative piece tells a modern tale of alienation through the stories of six women across generations. Set in a New Deal-era women’s work camp on New York’s Bear Mountain, She-She-She highlights the nonlinear nature of progress, and explores how we wrestle with the intersections of our inheritance as we are informed and molded by our past. Full of joy, soul and musicality, Hook & Eye’s work has been called “rich, intelligent, funny,” and “a testament to the collaborative process of theater making.”

    Hook & Eye has been developing this piece since 2015 through workshops at SILO in Pennsylvania, Adelphi, and at the New Ohio’s 2016 Ice Factory Festival, and is proud to make a stop at Dixon Place in November before our 2018 Brooklyn premiere.

    We need your support! We need to raise $13,500 of our $40,000 production budget through this campaign. We’re hard at work writing grants, teaching ninth graders, and offering Playlabs, and we are asking YOU to help us raise the remaining 30% of what we need to bring this show to life.

    YOUR support will:
    -       Help Hook & Eye maintain our commitment to equitable pay for all of our collaborators
    -       Support our ability to get the word out about their great work by hiring a press representative and supporting marketing costs
    -       Pay for our beautiful state of the art Downtown Brooklyn venue!!!

    More about the show:
    In the 1930’s, Eleanor Roosevelt championed the “She She She” camps as a New Deal program (in response to FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps - CCC) tailored for women, housed in our National Parks. Jobless women from across the country moved away from their home of origin to gain hospitality and forestry training, and developed a uniquely progressive and cooperative education along the way. She-She-She is inspired by the friendship between Roosevelt and Pauli Murray (architect of the civil rights and women’s movements, gender pioneer), sparked at Hudson Valley’s Camp Tera. Despite their disparate perspectives shaped by their difference in race and class, a need for social justice and mutual respect served as the foundation for their friendship and catalyzed their shared ideation, learning and progress. 

         Pauli Murray & Eleanor Roosevelt

    She-She-She was conceived by Carrie Heitman, is directed by Chad Lindsey, and written By Cynthia Babak. The devising and performing ensemble includes: Cynthia Babak*, Tia DeShazor*, Carrie Heitman*, Emily Kunkel*, Elizabeth London*, Nylda Mark*, Javan Nelson, Jeremy Rafal, and Jamie Effros*. Production Management is by Leah McVeigh, the Stage Manager is Katie Sammons. She-She-She is produced by Hook & Eye Theater and creative producer Morgan Lindsey Tachco.

    She-She-She was sparked by our need to explore rare, untold stories through a feminist lens, and through its development has become a response to the widening chasm in our current socio-economic climate. Our fourth original collaborative work has grown into a women-driven narrative that strives to represent the necessity of intersectional feminism as a means of realizing progressive ways forward.

    Our cast-*Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. 

    How you can help:
    We know that there are no shortage of daily crises - from the global to the hyper-local - that require your financial, energetic, and physical contributions. The members of Hook & Eye join your commitment to giving where, when and what you can, because we know that healing and support is not an either/or proposition. We choose to make stories that contribute to the cultural landscape and give voice to our hopes, anxieties, and dreams. Hook & Eye sees every contribution - financial or energetic - as a heartfelt and passionate engagement with your community of artists. We are IMMENSELY grateful for anything you can give.
    If you don’t have it right now: WE GET IT! We hope you will consider sharing this campaign with your social networks. AND If contributing to new theatre is not your priority right now, please consider making a donation to any of these outstanding organizations:

    THANK YOU!!!
    About Hook & Eye:
    Founded by co-artistic directors Carrie Heitman and Chad Lindsey in 2010, Hook & Eye is an ensemble of artists whose mission is to build inspiring, inquisitive works of theater that encourage new perspectives on foundational concepts. Original works include Fidgital Spring, a rhapsody of movement and mobile devices in homage to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (Figment Project/Governors Island; Stampede Lab/The Chain, 2013); The Summoners, an impressionistic take on what happens when big capital meets small-town America in a time of crisis (C.O.W., 2014); and most recently, GOD IS A VERB, inspired by the mind and myth of R. Buckminster Fuller (Actors Fund Art Center, 2015).  Hook & Eye serves as resident playwriting instructors at New York’s Professional Performing Arts School.  hookandeyetheater.com

    Hook & Eye Theater is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Hook & Eye Theater must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



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