JWalk Productions NYC, LLC

    JWalk Productions NYC

    Steps To Home

    A Full-Length Play in One Act

     New York, NY, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Told in reverse, Steps To Home, is the story of Kelly & Samantha's decades old friendship which endures despite hardships and relationships.  This play illustrates how two vastly different people can come to be essential in each other's lives.
    Our story is told by a female playwright, guided by a gal director, produced by two ladies, and let's not forget our all-women cast and crew. It is no coincidence these women came together to tell this socially vital story.

    We would love to enlist your help in reaching our budget goal of $13,000. Every single dollar will go towards our current expenses (venue, props, supplies, general liability insurance, etc.) and to our future production, as we plan on extending performances. So please keep giving! We appreciate your support! And remember to come see Steps To Home at The Bridge Theatre!

    (The Eventbrite ticket link is @ thebottom of page.)

    Dear All,
    Thank you for your interest in our campaign and for your time! It is truly appreciated! We are a new, very small and modest company but we stand behind our mission statement. When we started this project, we entered into a discussion about how acceptable it has become that artists’ work is taken for granted and that it is paid for in “thank you’s” and exposure. We have revisited this subject prior to each of our productions but this time we felt that we must join those who lead by example. We wanted to offer our production team the chance to be properly employed and at least for a short period of time have access to basic necessities such as healthcare and pension AND make a wage, albeit it is an embarrassingly low wage but that is all we can attempt to pull together for now. 

    The costs of starting and running a business and treating artists to the same standard as that of a low income employee in any other industry, threw us toward the $ goal amount listed in this campaign. We know that we can‘t change the arts industry in one day and that raising funds will be an issue for a long time but we are trying. The expression "a starving artist“ must become dated and we want to drive that change. So, we are going out of our small and modest pockets as much as we can and are counting on your help.
    Every buck helps. You know that as well as we do.
    Thank you very much for your kindess and support! We hope you enjoy the show!!!
    Much Love,
    The JWalkers


    At the moment, the show is happening at The Bridge Theatre (Shetler Studios) 244 West 54th Street in New York, NY on 
    Sat. September 29th at 7:30pm
    Sun. September 30th at 5:30pm
    Sat. October 6th at 7:30pm
    Sun. October 7th at 5:30pm

    but we would love to extend it or produce it again if we manage to raise enough funds to cover at least a part of current expenses. We see this story as very important for all audiences and the longer the run, the better for all!

     Alice Camarota (Director)
     Christina Gombola (Crew)
     Lindi Hunter (Crew)
     Fedya Ili (Artistic Designer, Webpage Designer)
     Jane Kotlyar (Actor, Producer of JWalk Productions NYC, LLC)
     Julianne Lavallee (Actor, Producer of JWalk Productions NYC, LLC)
     Gina Marin (Assistant Stage Manager)
     Audrey Senesse (Stage Manager)
     Hope Villanueva (Playwright)

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