Li'l Stories Labs

    Inspiring creative thinking, collaboration and digital literacy in the elementary classroom

    Li'l Stories Labs at P.S. 43

    Inspiring creative thinking, collaboration and digital literacy in first and second grade classes at P.S. 43 in the Bronx.

     New York City, NY, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

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    Li'l Stories Labs
    Children love stories. They use stories to make sense of the world. When children create stories around the subjects they are covering in class, they are deepening their learning and making the ideas their own. They imagine and innovate.

    Li’l Stories uses the power of storytelling to prepare children to be thinkers, problem solvers and innovators. We run storytelling programs at public elementary schools throughout New York City. Our language arts framework uses visual, spoken, and written storytelling to immerse learners in a creative writing process. The program can have a variety of outcomes, from oral presentations to written narratives and story videos. Our Labs reinforce classroom topics and nurture creative thinking, cooperative learning and digital literacy. Students love it and learn to work together and express themselves.

    Why Li’l Stories Labs 
    The fundamental skills that our Labs are founded upon are creativity and collaboration. These are not always evident in today’s classrooms, particularly in high-needs settings where there is more emphasis on student results. Classroom culture often boxes-in students’ imagination to activity-specific settings.

    Li’l Stories Labs at P.S. 43
    This school year we started collaborating with first and second grade classes at P.S. 43 in the Bronx, using Li’l Stories for different curriculum units and learning goals. Students had a lot of fun using storyboarding to develop their own visual narratives. Teachers were pleased by the work their classes accomplished by the end of the Lab and recognized the change in their students. 

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    Some of the feedback we received:
    “I was impressed. This is their best writing so far this year.” –2nd grade teacher
     “They really enjoyed the recording [of their storyboards]. It was like a motivation or reward.” –1st grade teacher

    Now we’re getting ready to return to PS 43 in March for another set of Labs: First grade classes will use the framework to create their own elephant stories integrating facts they have researched, while second grade classes will retell The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen and develop original fairy tale stories.

    Why this project needs your support
    Working at PS 43 gives us the opportunity to make an impact on one of the audiences we had in mind when we first developed Li’l Stories. But we can’t do it alone. Can I count on your support today—backing the project and spreading the word—to help introduce our Labs to more students? No amount is too small, and we’ll put every single dollar to use in the classroom. Your contributions will pay for materials and supplies (storyboards, Post-its, markers, custom materials), our Li’l Stories teachers, and custom development of our programs and tools.

    A big thank you!
    Anke and Team Li’l Stories

    Li'l Stories Labs is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Li'l Stories Labs must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.