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    Mending Spirit, Art for Healing, bringing art, artists and activities anywhere Spirit needs mending

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    Healing Takes More Than Time

     Phildaelphia, PA, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Mending Spirit is an organization that brings art, art activities, and artists to where the spirit needs healing. We believe that even the smallest difference created in a day or in an environment can have an effect that ripples out and touches many.

    We show up to challenging places with art.

    This is our annual campaign. What we raise here goes directly into the activities and projects, art making and sharing that we bring into very difficult locations. This year we are planning for work in a shelter tending to the elderly, Philadelphia public school classrooms, nursing homes, an infusion suite, a woman's prison, and cancer family support. Places where individuals are trying to heal, tending to others, and often have been forgotten. In the past four years, we have been to over 20 locations. 

    The scope of our work is directly related to the amount of funds we raise.

    Budgets for our projects include all of our hard costs. For example, bringing an exhibit of 50 paintings to a shelter or infusion suite costs us $2,800. Bringing a flower activity to a classroom costs us $400. Bringing a painting project to a classroom costs us $300. Bringing a musician to play in a nursing home costs us $300. An intergenerational memoir writing activity costs $1,725. One collaborative painting project in a nursing home costs $300. Installing that collaborative painting costs $200. Feeding our volunteers costs $50.

    Please take a look at our Giving Tiers for more details on how your donation can be used to fuel our artistic vision for 2019.



    Donate $25.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Your contribution of $25 will help us pay for supplies, such as four jars of glass paint, one piece of plexiglass, or four small unbreakable vases. Help us do our work! 

    Feed Our Volunteers

    Donate $50.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    We are lucky to have an incredible group of committed volunteers, and your contribution of $50 will help us thank them for their work by reimbursing them for travel expenses and feeding them during their day of volunteering.  

    Light that Lasts

    Donate $100.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    With your gift of $100, we will be able to create and gift one painting to a resident at a nursing care rehabilitation facility as a permanent installation for their room. 

    Music That Soothes or Stories That Transform

    Donate $300.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Your contribution of $300 can do one of two things: bring a local musician to a Mending Spirit institution while paying them the artist fees they deserve, creating a sustainable culture of art for healing, or allow us to hold a Fig Tree Stories workshop which brings students and the elderly together to tell stories of wisdom to inspire the next generation.

    Color That Heals

    Donate $500.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Our work with flowers has helped to bring color and nature to places that often don’t see much of either.  It costs us $500 dollars to provide flowers for a workshop like this in schools, skilled nursing care facilities, and transitional housing centers.  Your contribution will make another of these experiences possible.  

    Healing Window Painting

    Donate $1,000.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Your contribution of $1000 will provide the materials, work costs, and installation of a permanent, site-specific painting to be gifted where it shines brightest. 

    Site-Specific Activity

    Donate $5,000.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Your contribution of $5000 will allow us to add another partnership site to our plans this year and will pay for all costs associated with this new partnership.  If you choose, we would love to feature your story and dedicate this site to you, your loved ones or your cause on our website.