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    Bridging Healing Arts & Performance in Nature: An Opportunity Of a Lifetime

    In a world of increased disconnection from nature & decreased funding for the arts in education, NatureMoves is a much needed bridge between, self, soul, nature, & the arts.

     Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, CO, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    "Praise the wild soul for it’s ridges and canyons, for its rivers and rapids. For it’s love of deep caves and dark woods...Earths’ landscape restores us to wholeness” 
    - Mary Reynolds Thompson.

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    (personal endorsement from Anna Halprin)

    WHO IS NatureMoves?

    25 years ago, Melinda Harrison co-founded NatureMoves with the mission to bring forth a creative interaction between the human body, it's motion, imagination & in nature. NatureMoves creates opportunities for connection and expression integrating the Tamalpa Life/Art process with various modalities; such as drawing, journaling, voice & movement.

    Our unique focus is the exploration of the authentic self and wild soul in the natural environment. This is where we listen for our personal myths & universal metaphors.

    At this intersection is where the real healing happens.

    This year we have the opportunity to bring world-renowned artist/teacher Dohee Lee to be the third facilitator for the Essential Embodied Arts Training here in Boulder, CO.


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    (Photo by Pak Han)

    Born on Jeju Island in South Korea, Dohee Lee studied Korean performance at the master level, then certified at the Tamalpa Institute.

    Lee’s interdisciplinary work embraces the ritual and healing aspects of performance, integrating traditional forms and contemporary arts. Lee's distinctive and profound performance and teaching style evokes the full spectrum of human emotion; the primordial, futuristic, visible and invisible realms.

    Dohee has received numerous high level international awards and grants and has performed in venues and festivals around the world, collaborating with a wide range of theater and visual artists, musicians, dancers and choreographers.

    Learn more about Dohee on her website - 

    • $1,500 of what is raised will go to ensuring Dohee as faculty for our upcoming EEAT 2018. 


    In commitment to expanding diversity and out-reach we are also buzzing with excitement  to create a new abundant scholarship fund!  We are inviting the support from beautiful people and community like you to make this vision a reality!

    NatureMoves is committed to expanding opportunities to people of color, low income, and artists from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. An abundant scholarship fund will ensure the possibilities for new artists to be apart of our trainings, events, retreats, and programs all year around. 

    • A minimum of $500 of funding will be going to supporting partial-scholarships to  artists who would like to attend EEAT 2018-2019. 

    • Anything raised above this will create possibilities to ensure scholarship help for WilderDance Retreat, Scoring Lab and Movement Ritual, and EEAT 2019. 

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    (The Land we dance with!)


    There is something  miraculous about sharing a love of nature and the arts with a group of artists and healers from different walks of life. 

    Diversity is how we grow in empathy, and in the core of our humanity as we become universal humans committed to the healing and transformation of our selves and humanity.

    NatureMoves gives us the precious opportunity to revolutionize our lives, to breath new life into our art and performance, and enhance  our understanding of what it means to be human. 

    When we have diversity, we share the essence of life and unique gifts that we would never receive if we had not been given the opportunity to meet so deeply with those we would otherwise never come into connection with. This is what NatureMoves' Essential Embodied Arts Training offers us. It is not only the sharing of different modalities, but the sharing of intercultural and intergenerational living that is where the true treasures are. 

    This is why we are inviting and calling all who value the arts, nature, and connection  to support and lift up NatureMoves in growing its reach through creating an abundant scholarship fund, and giving the gift of bringing Korean shaman and award winning artist DoHee Lee to the EEAT for 2018. 

    Our commitment is to bring DoHee Lee as faculty for our upcoming EEAT 
    program, and the expand our reach to new generations and increased cultural and ethnic diversity. We are committed to bringing new opportunities to low-income artists from all walks of life to receive top-level professional training in the arts, and to connect in deep and meaningful ways to the earth.


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    (Photo by Ally Weiss)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to support NatureMoves and for valuing the arts in education, connection to nature, and the power of learning in diverse community. It is with your support we can truly expand and offer the gift of having world class teachers for our programs. 

    We are SO excited for all the opportunities being created with YOUR contribution! 

    Thank you for being apart of the magic!

    For more information about NatureMoves, EEAT, and other events please visit our website (soon to be NEW and improved!), and follow us on Facebook! 

    Your support means so much to us! 

    Together, we can change lives that will change the world. 



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