Refuge Theatre Project

    Refuge Theatre Project Annual Fund

    Refuge announces an ambitious season and needs YOUR support!

     Chicago, IL, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Refuge Theatre Project started with a handful of college grads and an idea. In just four years RTP has reached an audience of over 12,000 people by creating a unique, affordable, only-in-Chicago theatrical experience.

    Our 2017 Production of
    High Fidelity won Best Set Design, Best Director and Best Production of a Musical at the 2017 Chicago non-Equity Jeff Awards. In 2018, our productions of The Spitfire Grill and Lysistrata Jones were recognized with 5 Jeff Nominations. 

    We did all of this with support from our generous donors and ticket sales from each show. The past fours years have shown what we bring to the Chicago arts community: under-produced musicals in unique productions. With the announcement of our 2018 - 2019 season, we are working to cement Refuge as a staple of the storefront community and we need your support!

    We start our season this fall with The Last Session. It reunites a group of singers, friends and band mates to record one final album, except for the unexpected arrival of a guest singer who spoils what was supposed to be a nice, quiet goodbye party. All of them are deeply connected yet are unaware that their host carries a big secret: that he plans to end his struggle with AIDS after the session. The show will be performed at Atlas Arts Media, a REAL recording studio, in Ravenswood from October 26 – December 2.

    In the spring, we team up with our favorite Broadway lyrcist, Amanda Green, to produce the CHICAGO PREMIERE of Hands on a Hardbody. Only one winner can drive home the American Dream and 10 hard-luck Texans all want the keys. Under a scorching sun for days on end, they will each fight to keep at least one hand on a brand-new truck in order to win it. We are in the process of acquiring a venue for a spring production running March 22 – May 5.

    We have already begun the process for The Last Session and with only 2 months before we open, we need your help! Producing a musical can get expensive (see breakdown for The Last Session below) and while our company members volunteer their time, we want to ensure that the artists we work with are compensated for their work while maintaining the level of production you have come to expect from us. 


    Production TOTAL | $15,460.81

    Rights Costs

    Materials | $828.00
    Shipping | $125.00
    Performances | $3,000.00
    Deposit | $600.00
    Tax | $57.81
    TOTAL | $4,610.81

    Production Costs

    Set Decoration | $250.00
    Costumes | $250.00
    Lights | $500.00
    Sound | $550.00
    Music | $200.00
    Production | $100.00
    Office | $75.00
    Publicity | $1,800.00
    Rehearsal Space | $800.00
    Venue Rent | $2,000.00
    Programs | $100.00
    TOTAL | $6,625.00

    Production Staff

    Production Designer | $250.00
    Costume Designer | $250.00
    Lighting Designer | $250.00
    Sound Designer & Engineer | $500.00
    Music Director | $500.00
    Stage Manager | $500.00
    Asst. Stage Manager | $175.00
    Director | $500.00
    Production Manager | $250.00
    TOTAL | $3,175.00


    Gideon | $150.00
    Vicki | $150.00
    Tryshia | $150.00
    Buddy | $150.00
    Jim | $150.00
    Male Swing | $150.00
    Female Swing | $150.00
    TOTAL | $1,050.00




    Donate $250.00 or more

    Amount over $70.00 is tax-deductible.

    It's clear you love us a lot and we want to show you how much we love you too! We want to give you 2 tickets to The Last Session AND Hands on a Hardbody. PLUS, you receive an exclusive invitation to our Meet & Greet with the Cast, Designers and Refuge at the start of the rehearsal process.


    Donate $25.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Skip the Starbucks for a week and become a Refuge supporter. Your donation could go toward paying for mic tape, lighting gels OR batteries!

    We'll put your name on our website to make sure everyone knows your contributed!


    Donate $50.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    You've made an impact in helping us reach our goal! We want to show our appreciation so we will stamp you as a donor on our website AND flash your name in our programs so everyone knows you helped us out.


    Donate $100.00 or more

    Amount over $30.00 is tax-deductible.

    We are so grateful for your contribution! Not only will you receive recognition for donating both on our website and in the program, you get two tickets to The Last Session AND our JEFF Award winning Artistic Director, Christopher Pazdernik, will give you the inside scoop on what's happening with Refuge via a quarterly email newsletter.


    Donate $500.00 or more

    Amount over $80.00 is tax-deductible.

    You are invited to opening night of our productions where you will receive the best seats in the house! After you have enjoyed the show, we invite you to join us for the exclusive celebratory reception where you will mingle with the cast and designers from the production.


    Donate $1,000.00 or more

    Amount over $85.00 is tax-deductible.

    In addition to all the previous perks, we want to invite you to a rehearsal where you can witness how our team works to get ready for our shows. As a keepsake, we will give you one of our show posters signed by the cast and include you as a Sponsor in all of our marketing materials, custom-fit based on how you'd like to be recognized!


    Donate $2,500.00 or more

    Amount over $250.00 is tax-deductible.

    You have gone above and beyond! Not only do you get 2 additional tickets to all of our productions but Artistic Director, Chris Pazdernik, will take you and guest out to dinner where you can ask him about basically anything musical theatre related and he can answer. Join Chris as a guest to our show that night and get the best seats in the house.