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    Shine Children's Chorus Tuition Assistance Program

    Give a child the gift of music! Your donation helps lower the cost-barrier between highly motivated young singers and the life-changing experience of performing with Shine Children's Chorus.

     Portland, OR, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Shine Children's Chorus is an independent, secular, modern music education and performance program in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2009 by Director Lauren Fitzgerald, Shine provides high quality training in vocal technique and musical literacy, in an atmosphere of kindness and support. With an emphasis on pop, rock, folk and world music, we engage children and youth who might not be drawn in by traditional classical choir repertoire, and by eschewing the religious music that is so often sung in traditional choirs, we enable children from all different religious and cultural backgrounds to participate fully and sing from the heart. We pride ourselves on selecting the best that modern music has to offer, keeping it age-appropriate and positive while also giving our students rich musical material that is technically challenging, varied, powerful, and beautiful. 

    We serve students from ages 5-18 in five different developmentally appropriate ensembles. Our students come from all over the greater Portland area, including Vancouver, WA, and represent a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. Our younger groups are non-auditioned, meaning students can enroll in classes as long as there are openings, but at age 9 we begin requiring students to audition to advance to the older groups. This enables us to ensure that we are serving the most motivated students we can find, and that we are giving our older students the experience of singing with a high-quality ensemble, adding to their satisfaction and musical growth. We often have students come into our programs with a love for singing but little experience and confidence, only to see them starring in their school's musical, rocking a local talent show, or writing their own songs, inspired and empowered by their time with us. 

    Founder and Director Lauren Fitzgerald places the social and emotional well-being of her students at the top of her list of concerns, and believes that energy spent in creating an atmosphere of kindness and support in her classes and ensembles comes back hundredfold in the form of singing that is free, emotionally authentic, and even therapeutic. Choral singing is a beautiful kind of magic to her, and she loves that she gets to spend so much of her time immersed and at play within this medium. She arranges all of the music for her ensembles, and creates her own curriculum for her classes each year, ensuring new and exciting material for all. A student of the Kodaly method of music education, she has earned Levels I and II certification from Portland State University, and is continually striving to improve herself as a teacher and as a musician. 

    The Shine organization puts on two major shows each year, a Fall and a Spring Concert, where most of our ensembles perform. Our tiniest singers have their own Showcase for friends and family, easing them into the performance aspect of the program gently. In addition to Shine's own concerts and showcases, Shine participates in community events all around the Portland area, in venues such as Doernbecher Children's Hospital, The Portland Art Museum, The Oregon Convention Center, The Oregon Zoo, and Portland'5 Center for the Performing Arts. Shine sings to support causes such as The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, CASA, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and more. Shine's choral groups also spread joy throughout the city on our annual School Tours each Spring, providing free performances at local schools. We also record many of our performances and share them on YouTube, expanding our reach to a global level. 

    Designed from the beginning to be accessible and affordable-- Lauren was very determined not to make Shine what she likes to call a "boutique children's activity"-- Shine programs range from $200-$450 per child for a year of tuition, including performance attire and weekly rehearsals for the entire school year. It is by far the least expensive musical ensemble program for kids in the Portland area, and even among the children's choirs, it costs several hundred dollars less than the next cheapest one. Keeping our costs so low provides us with very little wiggle room when it comes to offering scholarships-- something that is also super important to us. We know that the kids who are least able to afford our tuition are also the kids who are least likely to have music education offered at their schools, and as low as our tuition is, we know that there will always be families for whom the cost is a barrier to participation in our programs. Raising our general prices is something that we naturally have had to do over time, but we always do it extremely gradually-- we are committed to staying affordable for most families, and providing assistance for those who need it. This is where you come in!

    By donating to this campaign, you can help highly motivated young singers experience the innumerable benefits of Shine's uniquely engaging and relevant music education programs. Most families for whom cost is a barrier are able to pay at least 50% of the tuition over the course of the year, so every $100-$225 of donations opens the door for at least one more singer. Children who sing in choral groups have been found to perform better academically, express themselves with more confidence, and feel more socially connected to their peers than those who do not-- and we feel that all children deserve to sing, no matter how much money their parents have. Your gift is one that radiates outward from every student it touches, bringing lasting positive effects to the entire community. More joy, more beauty, more coming together with others to create something greater than any one person could ever create alone-- that is what drives Shine Children's Chorus. We'd love you to be a part of it!

    Shine Children's Chorus is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Shine Children's Chorus must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 



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