The Great Perhaps Performance Collective

    Santuario|Sanctuary world-premiere production

    Santuario|Sanctuary is a documentary theatre piece exploring the migrations of monarch butterflies and youth across the USA-Mexico border.

     Boulder, CO, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    September 6-15, 2018
    The Dairy Arts Center
    Boulder, CO  

    Producida por The Great Perhaps Performance Colectivo, Santuario|Sanctuary es una obra de teatro documental que explora las migraciones de las mariposas monarcas y los jóvenes que cruzan la frontera entre los Estados Unidos y México. Basado en más de 30 entrevistas recientes con (in)migrantes, monjas, voluntarios, conservacionista, y los cuerpos del orden público en los Estados Unidos de America y México, la obra muestra la complejidad multifacética de la frontera. Sus donaciones apoyarán el desarrollo de este importante trabajo. Sus contribuciones generosas nos permiten proveer estipendios para nuestros artistas, crear materiales promocionales, construir disfraces, decorado, y diseño escénico ... ¡y mucho más! Gracias por ayudándonos a realizar esta obra de teatro. 

    Produced by The Great Perhaps Performance Collective, Santuario|Sanctuary is a documentary theatre piece exploring the migrations of monarch butterflies and youth across the USA-Mexico border. Based on 30+ interviews with (im)migrants, nuns, volunteers, conservationists, and law enforcement in the USA and Mexico, Santuario|Sanctuary highlights the multifaceted complexity of the border. Your donations will support the development of this important work. Your generous contributions enable us to provide stipends for our artists, create promotional materials, build costumes, props, and scenic design... and so much more! Thank you for helping us bring these stories to the stage.

    Our Story

    In the Spring of 2015, Victoria Gonzalez & Teresa Veramendi began creating a short documentary theatre piece under the direction of Leigh Fondakowski at Naropa University.  We were inspired by the events of 2014, when 30,000 more unaccompanied minors crossed the USA-Mexico border than the previous summer (largely due to misunderstandings of DACA). There was also an enormous decrease in monarch butterfly migration numbers that year. Monarch butterflies are a common symbol of immigrant rights activists as they freely migrate between three countries every year, and their homes are protected by international law. We agreed as a group  to pursue creating a full production after we graduated from the Masters program at Naropa. In 2017, we were awarded the Boedecker Path to Excellence grant to help support a full production of this work.

    Over the past two years, we were thrilled to bring Amy Buckler Rusterholz onboard as a co-director, and Stephanie San German as dramaturge. We have funded our own travel to conduct interviews in Texas, California, Illinois, Mexico City, and Michoacoán. We have witnessed how society accepts and supports the migration patterns of animals and insects as natural, while rejecting the migration patterns of human beings that mark our ancestral lineage.

    One theme that emerged naturally from the interviews we have collected is that of faith. Many recent immigrants we spoke to said they arrived “gracias a Dios” – thanks to God. At a Catholic Humanitarian Relief Center in Texas that helps recent refugees and immigrants get a warm meal, a shower, and new clothes, one volunteer said that when she looks into the face of a person asking for this basic support, she sees the face of God. There are people praying on both sides of the border for peace. We see our play as a sanctuary where we can honor the loss, and those who have died – human and animal – and hear their stories outside the sensationalized and fear-based narratives we see in the news.

    How You Can Support

    Your support will help us honor these stories as they should be honored, with full production value. Your donations will help fund the stipends for our incredible, primarily latinx ensemble, and our passionate and dedicated team of designers. Your funds will help us build a shrine onstage that honors the loss of life at the border. We need your support right now as this production in Boulder, Colorado opens September 6th. Your donation will have an immediate impact on the realization of this work, and how many communities can connect with this work. In addition, we have a staged reading coming up at Chicago’s Piven Theatre in November, and are exploring future productions around the US and in Mexico. Any donations beyond our goal will go towards these future productions.

    Who We Are

    Amy C. Buckler Rusterholz
    In her art making and activism, Amy strives to facilitate spaces for community and deeper understanding to flourish. Amy is an Artistic Associate with square product theatre in Boulder, CO. She was a founding member of the Occupy Chicago Rebel Arts Collective and a graduate of Northwestern University.

    Victoria Pilar González
    Inspired by everything between before or beyond life and death, Victoria González is a multidisciplinary artist, meditator, educator, and healer. Victoria's work is eclectic, imbued with active hope, radical compassion, and love. They hold an MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University and a BA in Philosophy from Westminster College.

    Teresa Veramendi
    Co-Director and Co-Writer
    After graduating from the Tisch Drama Department at New York University, Veramendi received her MA in Performance Studies from NYU and her MFA in Theater from Naropa University.  Since co-founding Theater of the Oppressed Chicago, she has facilitated workshops for universities and organizations across the country. Veramendi is a theatre maker and teaching artist inspired by multicultural and multilingual exchange.

    Stephanie San German
    Stephanie San German is a Fulbright scholar with an MS in Environmental Geography from National Autonomous University of Mexico, whose thesis consisted of interviewing three hundred households about the political and environmental dynamics within the monarch butterfly biosphere reserve. She has five years of experience working in community development and humanitarian aid on the US-Mexico border.



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