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    "1 2 3: a play about abandonment and ballroom dancing" at Capital Fringe 2018

    3 sisters. 2 radical activists. 1 FBI raid. What now? Theatre Prometheus needs your help to bring the tragicomedy “1 2 3: a play about abandonment and ballroom dancing” to Capital Fringe '18!

     Washington, DC, United States
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    This year at the Capital Fringe Festival, the company that brought you Abortion Road Trip presents a tragicomedy about three sisters broken apart and brought back together by the crimes of their radical parents. 1 2 3: a play about abandonment and ballroom dancing explores family rifts, shared histories… and, of course, ballroom dancing.

    Inspired by true events, 1 2 3 asks questions we wrestle with today: 

    If desperate times call for desperate measures, what happens afterwards? 

    When adults fail, what must their children do to pick up the pieces? 

    And when families who love each other are divided by violence and differing views, how can they come back together?

    Your donation helps Theatre Prometheus bring this sharp, funny production to audiences in the nation’s capital — a place where we need to face the questions this play poses. You'll also be supporting an all-local cast and crew, and a company truly devoted to telling stories that too often go untold.

    In a small company like ours, just $1,000 can make a big difference. Whether you’re helping us meet our goal with a gift of $15 or $250, you’ll be able to see the results of your contribution right there on the stage. All your donations to 1 2 3 will go straight to production costs and artists

    Founded in 2013, Theatre Prometheus produces diverse, woman-focused theatre. We work with DC artists and believe in the power of local theatre to build understanding and drive social change.

    Theatre Prometheus has been dubbed a company you "do not want to miss" (DC Metro Theater Arts), and has received glowing reviews in the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, DCist, DC Theatre Scene, DC Metro Theater Arts, and more.

    Our 2017 production of Rachel Lynett's Abortion Road Trip won Best Comedy of the Capital Fringe Festival. The Kennedy Center gave Abortion Road Trip a fully-staged encore performance on the Millennium Stage as part of the 16th Annual Page-to-Stage Festival. With your help, we can build on this success and continue to produce compassionate, compelling theater!

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