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    Toms River Shakespeare Festival

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     Toms River, NJ, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Toms River Shakespeare Festival's Second Season Production

    Featuring: William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind...

    Performances: July 19 - August 12, 2018
    Huddy Park & Ortley Beach, Toms River, NJ

    About Toms River Shakespeare Festival
    Toms River Shakespeare Festival was founded by Producing Artistic Director and Toms River native, Lori Garrabrant in Summer 2017 with an outdoor production of The Tempest at Huddy Park. TRSF's mission is to bring the works of William Shakespeare (and other great classics) to the banks of the Toms River entreating, "Spirits to enforce, art to enchant" and audiences to gather. By exploring these timeless texts and stories together, we will create works of theatre that are immediate and immediately accessible.

    Our Second Season
    We are thrilled to be entering our Second Season with a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and maintaining our commitment to making theatre that is FREE FOR ALL! We look forward to greeting you at Huddy Park and Ortley Beach this summer! Please bring your lawn/beach chair or picnic blanket to enjoy Shakespeare in the open air!

    Our Team
    Our team is comprised of local and regional artists, designers, composers, choreographers and technicians. Our 2018 cast and crew will be announced in late spring. Please continue to check our website or subscribe to TRSF to receive important news/updates about our 2018 Summer Season:

    Our Budget
    We are trying to raise $25,000 via this crowdfunding campaign. It is important to us to create theatre that is accessible to the community - therefore, our shows are free and we rely upon your generous donations to help fund our productions. The following lists a breakdown of our necessary costs/expenses:

    • Physical Production
    • Rehearsal Space
    • Artist/Tech Compensation
    • Administration
    • Out-of-town artist housing
    • Transportation
    • Marketing
    • Insurance

    Please know that every donation makes a difference - no amount is too small - and we are so grateful for your support! Apart from any monetary donations, please email us with your interest in volunteering or contributing non-cash or in-kind donations and/or matching gifts. We would, likewise, greatly appreciate your help spreading the word! 

    Thank You
    Above all, THANK YOU for enabling us to do what we do! It is a privilege to have the opportunity to share our work with our family, friends and audience members! Toms River Shakespeare Festival's 2018 Season is being spearheaded by The Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation who have supported us again this year with a $10,000 matching grant. The Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation recognizes that when residents are engaged in the arts, their communities become vibrant beacons for economic development.

    Special Thanks
    Our special thanks to everyone who willingly took the time to appear in our campaign video and to the many individuals, groups, businesses and organizations that contributed time, effort and energy on our behalf to help make it possible:  

    • Hon. Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher
    • Jeremy Grunin
    • Don Guardian
    • Alizar N. Zorojew
    • Shawn Michaels
    • Toms River Fire Department - Company 1: Chief Michael Muttie, Carl Weingroff, Jolynn Hummel, Ian B. Monzo, Mark Sierotowicz
    • Martin Meszaros, Henry "Henny The DJ" Conroy, Joseph Levine, Gretchen Surette
    • Harvey York, Michael York, Lauren Dooley, Melissa Willem 
    • Sue Notte, Sue Ann Pullen
    • Pei Yee Lee
    • Beth Brierley, Paul Chalakani, Will Salmons, Sean Mako, Marcos Vasquez
    • Stephan R. Leone, Esq., Debi Leone Challoner, Cheryl Leone
    • Sean Openshaw, Billy Cardone & Exit 82 Theatre Students
    • Marley & Stanley Romulus
    • Kristine Angona-Perry & TRHS Students
    • Sue & Sam/Van Go Pottery Painting
    •  Alec/PassionPeaces
    • Jhoane Sherard/Scrubs2Go
    • Marshall Kern 
    • Noelle Carino
    • Robert Steigelman & Garland Goode
    • Sharon & Herb Fisher & Co. 
    • Renee Lomell
    • Kim Dippolito, Liz Thomson, Arleen Read
    • Sharon Quilter-Colluci
    •  Molly Pearson, Alyssa Renzi, Kim Dillon
    • Kevin, Phoebe & Axel Cull
    • John Garrabrant
    • TRSF Tempest Cast & Production Team

    Toms River Township, The Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation, Toms River Business Improvement District, TRBDC, TRCAP, TRAC, Toms River YMCA, Toms River Schools, TRHS Performing Arts, Novins, York & Jacobus, Ocean County College Performing Arts, 600 Main Bed & Breakfast, Friends of Ortley Beach, Island Creole Kitchen, Exit 82 Theatre, Ichiban Restaurant,
    The Downtown Shops at 53 Main, Van Go Pottery Painting, Scrubs2Go, PassionPeaces

    Graphic Design - Robert Steigelman
    Ortley Beach photos courtesy of Robert Steigelman & Garland Goode
    Huddy Park photo courtesy of Nick Zorojew



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    A WALK-ON ROLE $3000

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    All of the above AND a walk-on role in our production!