COMPANY: a dance company creating new works that experiment with formal compositional ideas.


    SHOW is a live action exhibit happening at The Durham Fruit. Wander through movement, visual, lighting, projection, and live sound installations with a rotating cast of performers each night.

     Durham, NC, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Artists Justin Tornow, Heather Gordon, Alex Maness, and Chris Fleming have constructed contexts throughout The Durham Fruit warehouse that promote intimate experiences for both performers and audiences.  Concerned with immediacy, ephemerality, uncertainty, and presence, SHOW is meant as a five-day experience, with a roster of rotating artists joining COMPANY to respond to these themes across the run.

    COMPANY is committed to providing low-cost admission to the work, so we're using this campaign to raise enough funds to offer low-cost tickets for each performance. We are asking private donors and sponsors who love and value the scrappy art scene in Durham to help us create greater accessibility to the work being made here. We want anyone who’s interested to be able to come!

    We're trying this approach with SHOW to inform how we might incorporate it in the longer term for all COMPANY projects--  better yet, let's put our heads together to create a model for funding that is more sustainable for all our city's artists and audiences! Want to talk more about any of this? Email

    SHOW ticket prices will directly reflect how much we can raise through this initiative. Any overages will go toward increasing the artist fees to more appropriate levels.

    We have a bold idea... actually, we have many: 
    • We think we make work that's worth making. 
    • It costs real money to dream this big, and institutional support is incredibly limited. 
    • We want to cover the costs AND make sure it's an option for our fellow community members to attend. 

    For transparency's sake, our full production budget is $12,000. This includes overhead costs for venue, equipment rental, promotional materials, and bare minumum artist fees (no joke, this is where we take a huge hit.)

    More about SHOW: 
    The first half of the evening involves a variety of active sets for audiences to visit at their own pace. Performances by Tornow’s COMPANY and guest artists will occur throughout the warehouse.  The second half of the evening features a new choreographic work by Tornow and COMPANY that occurs inside an active light and projection set designed by Maness, Fleming, and Tornow and accompanied by guest artists’ live sound scores.  

    SHOW asks that audiences be led by their interests and intuition as they move through the complex. The presence of the audience is vital. Everyone involved in SHOW—artists, performers, and viewers—set the tone for the event. The artists want to highlight the fact that we are all reacting to one another in the present moment… that we’re all source material... that we all make the work. 


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