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'Sympathy in C' the Play, a Fundraiser to Fight the Fight

"Sympathy in C"

Cancer, terrorist of the body. Terrorism, cancer in our culture. This riveting play with music captures stories of courage and determination. Please donate now to help bring this production to life!

Perfect Teeth and Dick Pix at Theaterlab

Perfect Teeth / Dick Pix

Help us bring these two stories about art, sex, consent, harassment, identity and status to life with polish and panache.

Crazy on the Same Day — The Web Series

"David Ippolito: That Guitar Man from Central Park"

In today's America... in today's world, it's awfully good to know you're not alone.

Praxis Stage Season 3 Opener: ALL MY SONS

Praxis Stage

Help us continue our project of politically conscious theater by funding this timely & important play about the consequences of profiting from war and the tenuous comfort of lives built on denial.

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