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    home home / a production by Virtualso Dance Co and Squatch Tanztheater

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     Seattle, WA, United States
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    home home is an evening length production you can catch at the Erickson Theatre Off Broadway March 16 at 8pm and 17th at 2pm. This work is a collaboration and co-production between the 2 Seattle-based, Midwest native companies Virtualso Dance Co and Squatch Tanztheater. Inside the work we will unpack our homesickness and explore 2 different perspectives searching for "home"; we question what home really means and if such a place exists. With the integration of video projections, live set pieces and the potential for snow (in March, I know it always shows up at terrible times), we will ensure a night full of nostalgia. 

    Liz Houlton (Virtualso) is a Minneapolis native, Seattle-based choreographer and performer with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from California Institute of the Arts. She has presented works through Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival, Seattle International Dance Festival, the Seattle Fringe Festival, 3rd Shift's Battle for the Dance Belt and Shift Sessions, Capitol Hill's Art Walk with LoveCityLove, and Velocity Dance Center's Bridge Project and Fall Kick Off. Her work has been commissioned by Minnesota Dance Theatre for their Fall 2015 season. Liz has also co-produced a split bill with Elby Brosch and Alyza DelPan-Monley which premiered in May of 2017 as an independently produced Access Velocity with the support of Scratch Deli and Velocity Dance Center. Currently Liz is working towards an evening length at the Erickson Theatre Off Broadway alongside collaborators/co-producers Eric Singleton Jr and Alyssa Casey. Liz was a Teaching Artist and Anchor Tenant at Velocity Dance Center in the Fall of 2017. 

    Alyssa Casey (Squatch) is a dancer, choreographer, and costume designer currently working in Seattle, WA. Originally from Hudson, WI, she graduated magna cum laude with her BA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP). At UWSP Alyssa received the Chancellor's Leadership Award, the Anne Gilfry Schierl Fine Arts Award in Dance, the Kathryn Bukolt Dance Scholarship, the Elizabeth Bukolt Family Dance Award, and an Honors Internship. Alyssa was also selected as a finalist for the Laird Exceptional Artist Award. Her choreography has been showcased on stages across the United States and through the form of media art in dance for camera films. Her Performance credits include Michael Estanich, Zoe Scofield, Joan Karlen, Jeannie Hill, Liz Houlton, Sabina Moe, Scott Wirtz-Olsen, Lauren Baker, and Joanie Mix. During the summer of 2014, Alyssa studied at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, England. In her work, Alyssa ventures to find trust in herself to take risks, allowing her to present a part of herself on stage. Through hard work, resilience, humor, and trust, Alyssa plans to create work undefined by rules and boundaries, inspiring her audience to view life, and the endless amount of possibilities it presents, in the same way she strives to.

    Also involved with this production is Virtualso operational producer/sound and visual designer Eric Singleton Jr and dancers/collaborators Emma Lawes, Ashley Jade Pietro, Shane Donohue, and Maya Tacon. 

    home home is projected to be a touring production and will continue to evolve with each new iteration. 



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