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    Kyoung's Pacific Beat's PILLOWTALK--Chicago Tour!

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     Brooklyn, NY, United States
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    Kyoung’s Pacific Beat (KPB) is a peacemaking theater company based in Brooklyn, New York, which promotes a culture of peace through the production of new works of theater written and directed by Kyoung H. Park. The company develops its work over the course of multiple years, in collaboration with artists from different cultures and disciplines. Through research and engagement with local communities, KPB explores experiences of oppression and transforms the collected stories through radical experimentations with form. Its goal is to give voice to marginalized perspectives in society and bring together like-minded individuals that believe peace matters. 
    Since its founding in 2011, KPB has produced DISORIENTED (“Kyoung’s most intensely personal play”—American Theatre Magazine), TALA (Time Out Critic’s Pick), and PILLOWTALK (“very much of this moment”—The New York Times). KPB is led by Kyoung H. Park, the first Korean playwright from Latin America to be produced and published in the U.S. and a 2010 UNESCO Aschberg-Laureate.
    Set in Brooklyn 2017, PILLOWTALK brings to life one night in the lives of Sam and Buck, a recently married interracial couple. Through a formal exploration of theatrical naturalism and the codified gender norms of ballet’s pas de deux, PILLOWTALK queers the intersections of race, gender, and class to illuminate how liberation and oppression co-exist in our most intimate spaces.
    PILLOWTALK is performed by two queer men of color, JP Moraga and Basit Shittu, and features live music by Helen Yee, choreography by Katy Pyle, set and lighting design by Marie Yokoyama, sound design by Lawrence Schober, and costume design by Andrew Jordan.

    Kyoung’s Pacific Beat has been invited to perform PILLOWTALK as part of the Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists (CAATA)’s “Revolutionary Acts” Conference and Festival at Victory Gardens this August 2018. Over the course of six days, the festival will engage attendees and the Chicago community in critical theatre and dialogue regarding the intersections of art, leadership, and community in the face of social injustice, inequity, and active resistance in American culture.
    We’re honored to be part of this national platform presenting the best Asian-American theater in the country. With your support, our hope is to connect with local, queer communities of color to make sure our performances are of service in Chicago, while we take advantage of this opportunity to find more ways to tell this story across the country. Read more about "Revolutionary Acts" in The Chicago Tribune.
    PILLOWTALK was developed over 4 years in New York City at BRIC Arts Media Center, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Baryshnikov Arts Center, and we premiered this January in a co-production with The Tank, and were presented by the Exponential Festival. 

    Thus far, we have been generously supported by NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund (A Statewide Theatre Regrant Program), WOVEN (We Oppose Violence Everywhere Now), Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, The Indie Theater Fund, The Field Leadership Fund Fellowship, Creative Mellon Fellowship, our presenting/co-producing partners, and individuals such as yourself.
    We are asking you to help us raise $5,000 in support of our tour to Chicago. Your support will go directly towards the payment of key artist fees, travel, and production costs to make this show happen!
    Thank you so much for your support of PILLOWTALK and please come see us in Chicago!

    All donations are tax-deductible and we have great perks for donors who give at our higher levels, including Pillowcases and Pillows designed by Andrew Jordan.

    Visit our website to see Andrew Jordan's Pillowcases and Pillows!
    This is Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s first tour, so accomplishing this tour successfully would be of great impact for our company! 
    Our goals hitting the road to Chicago are to:
    • Connect and Collaborate with Chicago’s QPOC community to create a safe space to explore our most pressing needs and desires.
    • To share PILLOWTALK with a national network of theater artists, presenters, and curators, to develop future opportunities for continued touring.
    • To promote a culture of peace and non-violence by performing queer-positive, anti-racist, anti-oppressive theater. 
    Since last month, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat’s Mondragons—or affiliate artists—have started the preparations to rehearse and produce PILLOWTALK’s production in Chicago. After four years working together, the PILLOWTALK team is like a chosen family that knows how to work well together and tackle any challenges that may arise. All we really need now, are the funds from YOU so that we can do our work!
    If you cannot contribute to our campaign, you can still help us!
    • Help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign!
    • Share our campaign via social media!
    • Help us find LGBQT, POC communities and allies in Chicago!




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