LALA Festival is a home for experimental artists working in live art. LALA: Live Art / Live Artfully

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     Minneapolis, MN, United States
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    Your gift directly supports a group of boundary-pushing performance artists of color, queer artists, and artists with disabilities interested in working together to build a healthier, more just, and more inclusive national performance community. The 2018 LALA Festival is bringing together 20+ performance makers, workshop leaders, and speakers along with dozens of cast members and a top-notch theater crew–nearly 40 artists in total–to share their ideas, their artistic process, and, of course, their work.

    2018 LALA artists and workshop leaders include:
    Paige Collette
    Darian Dauchan
    Mtume Gant
    Martin Gonzales
    Jen Goma
    Alana Horton
    Su Hwang
    Michael R. Jackson
    Eric Larson
    Kristine Haruna Lee
    Patrick Marschke
    Billy Noble
    Chantal Pavageaux
    Stacey Rose
    Anni Rossi
    Addison Sharpe
    신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin
    Anat Shinar
    Margot Bassett Silver

    Plus dozens of cast and crew members!

    LALA 2018 Schedule

    Monday July 23
    Performance: LALA Talent Show hosted by Chantal Pavageaux

    Tuesday July 24
    Twin Cities Art Tour at Public Functionary, Soap Factory, Playwrights Center, Bryant Lake Bowl, & private artist studios
    Art Ritual led by Martin Gonzales
    Workshop: Poetry for Everyone led by Poetry Asylum

    Wednesday July 25
    Workshop: Artist Playground with entire cohort

    Thursday July 26
    Dialogue: Curator’s Luncheon led by Gillian Fallon
    Performance: Ploys for Ensemble Glitz and Crisis Actors by Eric Larson 
    Performance: Burning To A Crisp Under The Hot White Ga(yz)e by Michael R. Jackson
    Performance: The Monica Meditations by Paige Collette
    Performance: Legacy Land by Stacey Rose

    Friday July 27
    Workshop: Identity and Representation in Cinema and Beyond by Mtume Gant
    Performance: Watertower Dreams by Anni Rossi
    Performance: A room the size of your fist by Margot Bassett Silver 
    Performance: plural (love) by Kristine Haruna Lee & Jen Goma

    Saturday July 28
    Dialogue: Teaching Artist Luncheon
    Performance: The Last Resort - Continued by Addison Sharpe
    Performance: fitter perception by Alana Horton & Patrick Marschke
    Performance: Black Sheep by Darian Dauchan
    Performance: Here's How (Refuted) by Anat Shinar

    Sunday July 29
    Dialogue: Lovers, Rivals and Thieves with Sam Johns, Karen Sherman, and Mtume Gant, co-facilitated by Billy Noble & Chantal Pavageaux

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    Photo credit: Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography

    LALA Fest is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of LALA Fest must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



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