Musical Innovation for the Issues of our Time

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    Cincinnati Activist Musician Awards

    Building Activism & Rekindling Hope through Music

     Cincinnati, OH, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    You have arrived here because of your presence at one of our Cincinnati Activist Musician events on March 4th or because you've been otherwise encouraged to support courageous activist artists around the country who are making change with their music.

    Consider how music's power has moved your life and what it can do now in today's troubled world; listen to the promise and potential of the artist voices in this video. Imagine their impact if these artists were supported, trained and activated to be change agents.

    Music to Life (founded by Noel Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul & Mary, and his daughter, Elizabeth) is growing their network of singer/songwriters, giving them funding & training to step off the stage and into partnerships with nonprofits like schools, prisons, hospitals and homeless shelters. For the month of February, Music to Life has focused on artists from Cincinnati!

    Jerry Springer and his right hand, Jene Galvin, have helped Music to Life recruit an esteemed local review panel to identify candidates (including Jerry, William Bootsy Collins , Clara Stryker (Inhailer Radio), Edward Sawicki (President, Cincy Blues Society), Courtney Bolender Phenicie (Editor-in-Chief, Cincy Music), & Just Ash (WIZF- FM). Together they have screened and selected 4 social justice artists from your Cincinnati neighborhoods who have written about an issue of concern, or proposed a music-driven project to address that issue. These winning  artists are: Casey Campbell & Krysal Peterson, K-Drama (Regis Jones), Jordana Greenberg (Harpeth Rising) and Sean Geil & The Tillers.

    Three of these finalists will receive $3k each (combination of cash & technical assistance) to partner with a Cincinnati nonprofit, develop and deliver their social justice project.  The top winning, fourth artist will receive $10k in cash and matching technical assistance to fully realize their proposed musical vision.  Winners will be announced on Sunday, March 4th.

    We encourage your generous support of Music to Life’s work to encourage musical healing for Cincinnati and other cities around the country.    

    Thanks, and take of yourself, and each other. 

    Jerry Springer (Noel Paul & Elizabeth)