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    2017/18 Spring Gala

    North Atlantic Dance Theatre is looking to raise funds for our 2017/18 season. As a blossoming company our success has, in part, been due to supporters like you...and we love you for it.

     Beverly, MA, United States
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    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Welcome to North Atlantic Dance Theatre's Spring Gala fundraiser!! In the past four years NADT has matured from small works and performances in black box theatres, to full length ballets as a company in residence at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly, MA. We are currently looking for supporters like you to raise funds for our 2017/18 season.

    Our 2016/17 season has featured successful productions such as the Nutcracker and Cinderella while our season finale performance will feature a mixed bill program including classical and contemporary works. Starting with one of the ballet world's most beautiful masterpieces, Les Sylphides the story of a poet and his muses, the woodland sylphs, through the music of Chopin. As the ballet unfolds audiences are struck by the unity and simplicity of each dancer moving as a collective breath. In contrast to this high classical work NADT then plunges into the contemporary world of ballet with Rinforzare Originally created on the company in 2014 this high octane piece has returned to wow audiences with its athleticism and powerhouse movement. Bringing the performance to a close is Vivaldi's Four Seasons. This is the ballet that started it all! Premiering North Atlantic Dance Theatre in 2013, this ballet set the company's standards for the years to come. Watch the music unfold as the dancers visualize the sounds of the seasons through Vivaldi's compelling score. Come support NADT and celebrate North Atlantic Dance Theatre's 2017 season finale as an array of styles grace the stage in one evening and help us prepare for our next season of artistic excellence.

    As our season draws to a close we have already begun the preparations for our fifth season. In 2017/18 our 1:2 Programming: An Intimate Abstraction will return. This is a rare opportunity for two choreographers to work alongside one composer creating work to the same score. This process highlights each choreographer's inspirations, theories and volition as they tackle the same piece of music. The holiday season dives back into NADT's wickedly entertaining Nutcracker featuring a couple new characters than last year. In the early spring A Midsummer Night's Dream will whisk audiences into Shakespeare's world of woodland creatures and love triangles. Last for our season is our 2018 Spring Gala featuring new repertory for the company.

    NADT is looking for support from people such as yourself who enjoy quality performance. As a growing company, coming into our own is something we are unable to achieve without help from supporters such as yourself.  With your help we are given the financial backing we need to concentrate on higher caliber performances.

    As of now we have operated on a minimal budget of about $30,000 and have still created wonderful evenings for our audiences. Most small ballet companies operate between $115,000 to $ 500,000. One of NADT's main goals for the next couple years is building a large enough budget ($500,000) that is able to include artists salaries. Paying dancers a weekly salary for their contract (38 weeks) is one way in which the company can raise its caliber even higher.

    What most people don't know is that most of our dancers come into the studio every morning to train, rehearse for hours and then continue onto another form of work such as waitressing, bartending, teaching, etc. Often these jobs keep them at work until 3 or 4 in the morning when the restaurant finally closes. They go home get a couple hours of sleep and with the aid of copious amounts of caffeine begin the process again the next day. These positions put unbelievable amount of strain on their bodies after they have demanded the impossible of their physical form all day. They dance with spinal injuries, sprains, broken toes, etc. They are the champions of the art world! 

    These dancers are willing to dedicate themselves to NADT for low pay because they believe in its integrity, purpose and goals. Honestly most of them are dreaming about the day NADT can offer them a fulltime contract. The opportunity for these dancers to commit themselves fully to their art form without other distractions directly affects performance caliber in an advantageous manner.

    Your help and generous support backs this company's ambition to become a leading ballet company in the New England area. 
    If NADT can do what it does on a miniscule budget just imagine what we could do with a larger one! With your support, you can help their dancing dreams become a reality and you can help NADT live up to its full potential.

    Ready to donate? 

    We have a couple options:
    1. You can continue through this Crowdfunding platform to donate.  There are rewards designated for different donation price points so make sure you check those out...or
    2. Another option is to go straight to our donation PAGE to become a supporter of the company with two options:
    • Become a one time donor and receive certain perks through the company such as invitations to rehearsals, events, seasonal tickets, discounts and more for the year.
    • Become a sustaining member with the ease of automatic monthly installments. You set the amount that best suits your lifestyle. Receive discounts for events and tickets along with a shopping tote with logo and support recognition.

    Any way you decide to support us is greatly appreciated by NADT. Your belief in our ambitions fuels our passion for great performances. Performances in which we hope to see you at!

    North Atlantic Dance Theatre is a fiscally sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of North Atlantic Dance Theatre will be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


    A personal thank you

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    We always appreciate your help and we would like to acknowledge your generosity on our website with the rest of our donors.

    Noteworthy images

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    Send your notes in style with NADT’s Notecards printed with beautiful ballet images. Receive a set of ten notecards along with a thank you on our website!!!

    Signed pointe shoes by company members

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    These dancers work hard and go through a ton of pointes shoes!!! Each pointe shoe has about a week long life span then we recycle for decoration! get a signed pair from each of the dancers in the company.

    A tote for toting your support

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    Check out our support tote bag. Great for the beach, shopping, and life. Bag includes NADT logo with support acknowledgment 11” H x 18” W compartment holds your groceries. Front open pocket & 23”handles for comfort

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