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Much Ado About Nothing | Spring 2018

Yorick Theatre Company

Help fund our spring 2018 production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING directed by Everett Quinton.

Villain: DeBlanks does Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Villain: DeBlanks - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

After more than 3 years of benefit shows in NYC, LA & London, we are bringing our (ADJECTIVE)_____ shenanigans to the young audiences of the Fringe and beyond!



As his friends depart for college, a high school graduate must reckon with his imminent future stuck in a small town.

Our Most Ambitious Season Yet.

Built for Collapse

...and our final crowdfunding campaign!

"If Not Now...?" A Concert of Chamber Music by Timothy Brown

Concert of Chamber Music of Timothy Brown

Making my own opportunity to have my music performed. "If Not Now...?" then when?

Big Red Wall Dance Company

Big Red Wall Dance Company

Movement arts which recognizes the resilience of the Black community. Identifying the need for our voice and narrative.

A Theist

A Theist

A new play which questions the existence of God and the nature of faith. It's a comedy. What could be funnier?

Kurma - NYU Thesis Film


A story about loss, memories, and letting go.

Live 45: Season 4

Live 45 Series

Help fund the artists and production expenses for the fourth season of the Live 45 Series!


The Living Record Collection

Salty Brine's Living Record Collection needs your help to bring ambitious new cabaret to New York City audiences!