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Invest in 18th & Union: an arts space

18th & Union

Help 18th & Union invest in its staff and artists so we can continue to make amazing performance and community connections in Seattle's Central District.

A Record & A Label: A Deeper View of the School to Prison Pipeline

A Record & A Label: A Deeper Look at the School to Prison Pipeline

A Record and A Label is about the expedition through the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Iowa with a goal of deepening this conversation.

Candidly Speaking An Unscripted Reality Cooking Show

Candidly Speaking

Detroit is full of interesting people. This filmmaker wants you to meet them all!

"Alexa" - A New Dance Narrative


Created by Ali Marconi, Roddy Kennedy, & Cassie Nordgren for Inwood Art Works Pop Up Culture Hub.

Building Emily Warren: The Story of the Brooklyn Bridge

Building Emily Warren

It’s 1870. How can a woman possibly become an engineer? Meet Emily Warren Roebling, the woman who completed the Brooklyn Bridge, in a tale of strength, women’s rights, and perseverance.

Help Merce, Season 2 with Post Production!


Please give Merce a hand. No, not applause. (Yet!) Help us raise the money we need to complete the series!

Young Stracke All-Stars 10 Years Celebration

Young Stracke All-Stars

Support the Young Stracke All-Stars as they celebrate 10 years of this one-of-a-kind youth music-making community!

The Nelson Homestead / Wood and Stone Retreat

The Nelson Homestead / Wood and Stone Retreat

Our project is turning this endangered and historically significant farm house into a key contributor to the Arts and preserving a piece of Maryland's history.

A Hyacinth in the Mountains & Seeds of More

Power of People Combined

POPC develops three new works: one film, one theater, one dance. All three pieces are created by women actively making the work that they want to see more of today.

Also Known As Theatre

Also Known As Theatre

The debut season of Also Known As Theatre, a Boston indie theatre company.