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    Squeaky's New Wheels

    Squeaky Bicycle is turning 7, and we need your help to celebrate our birthday in style - so we can continue bringing you unique productions well into our angsty teen years.

     New York, NY, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    Have you heard the news? Squeaky Bicycle is turning seven years old! On July 16th, we are celebrating seven wonderful years of new ideas, experiences, and memories. Like most seven-year-olds, we want big things for our celebration- and we need your help to make that happen! Instead of inflating bouncy-houses and hiring clowns (are clowns even popular anymore? It’s been a while…), we need you to help us with our super fast, super fun, super exciting birthday fundraising extravaganza! We are dusting off our streamers to unveil...(drumroll please)... the New Wheels campaign! 

    The New Wheels campaign is our one-week micro-fundraiser event where we aim to meet (and hopefully exceed) our goal of raising $700. It's a quick flash fundraiser - just a little jolt to get our 2017-2018 season going. All proceeds would go to support the upcoming season so we can continue bringing you unique productions well into our angsty teen years. Contributions of any size would be welcomed like a fresh slice of birthday cake!

    Just what does that upcoming season include? So glad you asked! Keep reading to see what’s coming for our 2017-2018 season!

    All Guts and Some Glory
    The Velodrome Company proudly presents this pay-what-you-will event that can’t (and shouldn’t) be missed! Coming this Fall, we invite you to join us for a competition of original scenes. Local writers, actors, directors and more will come together to compete for all the glory they can dream of (not to mention a respectable bar tab). But wait, there’s more... You play an important role in this event too- the judges! At the end of the night, you get to decide who made you laugh the hardest or cry the loudest (or who made you do both!).  
    Check back soon for more information regarding dates!

    Or Current Resident
    by Joan Bigwood
    Teddy Finch returns home from Folsom Prison to find that his multi-generational family has kept more than just the home fires burning. While the tech boom of Silicon Valley encroaches on their fragile habitat, the Finches confront the dangerous effects of technology on their way of life, discovering what can happen when we don't face our demons head on.

    This play was featured in our 2016 Reading Lab, and has been in development since then. As a full production, Or Current Resident will run for at least three weekends in Spring of 2018! 

    2017-2018 Annual Reading Lab
    Our 7th annual Reading Lab. These Equity Staged Readings will feature two brand new, unproduced plays in the middle of their development phase.The readings will lead to quality discussion, debate, and revision facilitated by resident Dramaturg, Kathryn McConnell. We will conclude the readings with a talk-back with the playwrights, which will help them to move their work to the next level of excellence. Come out to experience the real behind-the-scenes magic that gives birth to amazing theater!

    2018 Annual Benefit Show
    Join us for a night of fun in May of 2018 as we present curated material and host a silent auction in an effort to fundraise for our season! There will be laughter, engaging art, and spirited entertainment by the Velodrome Company. We have also invited some very special guests who'll be featured during the night’s festivities.

    We hope you'll help us get it kicked off right! Gifts are tax-deductible the extent permitted by law, and each one makes it possible to bring you innovative new work - this year, and for years to come.