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     New York City, NY, United States
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    The word most often heard by anyone in the theater is “no," & it is heard by women actors tenfold. The Muse Project endeavors to create a space where incredible women actors and their collaborators can experiment and play without the fear of being told they aren’t right. They will never be told they aren't the right age, the right gender, the right type. We have set out to produce a series of workshops where the one word the actor will hear is “yes."  

    We believe in our Muses. We believe in supporting artists, and we believe that part of that support means paying artists a living wage. Your tax-deductible donation will go toward paying our Muses and their artistic collaborators over their month-long rehearsal period and public performance. 
    Donation Levels:
    $1000 - Support one workshop presentation! 
    $400 - Support one artist! 
    $100 - Support one day of space rental! 
    $50 - Support the printing of four scripts! 
    $25 - Support transportation costs for one artist!

    Read this note from our first 2017 Muse, Lynn Cohen on why The Muse Project is important to her:
    [On performing the Saint Crispin’s Day Speech from Henry V]
    “…Now I want to tell you why I did that speech. I want you to know, and I think you all know this and feel it in your heart…first of all it’s a speech about power and courage. And no one has more power and courage than women. I’m saying that now…that I want a chance to do any role I feel in [my guts] and [my heart]. We have earned that. We didn’t even have to fucking earn it, it belongs to us. And as a tribute to man and to women we must demand it…If [an actor] feels it in here, you have a right to grab it and take it and do it for who you are.”
    Since 2015 The Muse Project has sought to disrupt the imbalance of opportunity and ownership of work for women actors through the development of challenging, actor-driven theatre works and focused research into their participation in American theatre. Our company shifts the theatre paradigm through the empowerment of women actors as creators and content generators. Jocelyn Kuritsky, Artistic Director and 2015 Muse, developed the play STET with playwright Kim Davies and director Tony Speciale, which went on to enjoy a successful run at The Abingdon Theatre. The Muse Project thanks Fractured Atlas for their continued support.