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    “Abortion Road Trip” comes to DC!

    Show your support for feminist theater by contributing to ABORTION ROAD TRIP, a dark comedy by Rachel Lynett presented by Theater Prometheus at the DC Capital Fringe Festival!

     Washington, DC, United States
    This is a Fiscally-Sponsored Project

    Fiscally Sponsored by Fractured Atlas

    A comedy... about abortion? 

    It’s hard to crack a smile in the face of today’s political climate, especially when it comes to women’s reproductive rights -- but ABORTION ROAD TRIP will make you laugh. 

    Your donation will help us produce a timely world premiere that shows our more conservative neighbors that we won’t keep quiet when it comes to reproductive justice, and reminds us all that despite the struggle, there is still laughter, joy, and sisterhood on the long road ahead.

    We’ve all got baggage.

    Minnie, Lexa, and a taxi driver bring some of theirs on a road trip: they’re driving from San Antonio to New Mexico so Lexa can get an abortion. 

    Along the way, Minnie and Lexa attempt to mend their relationship as sisters, while Driver revisits her tumultuous relationship with her partner Taylor. As their memories collide on stage, the three women face the choices that have made them who they are.

    Theatre Prometheus is proud to present the world premiere of Rachel Lynett’s dark comedy at the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival -- but as a small, volunteer-run company, we need your help. Your gift (however small or large) will make a direct, substantial impact on our production. Donate today to make a statement about where you stand, and the road you want our country to take.

    Theatre Prometheus is a non-profit organization devoted to working with local artists to explore and promote diverse, woman-focused narratives both by and for the communities we live in. ABORTION ROAD TRIP will be our third Capital Fringe show, and our sixth full production as a company. 

    Rachel Lynett is a playwright and literary manager of Arkansas Theatre Collective (ATC, Her plays have been performed in Minneapolis, DC, and Northwest Arkansas. She was recently a semi-finalist for the O'Neill Playwright's Conference and a finalist for the Kernodle Award. Through the ATC, she has produced over ten brand new plays by local playwrights and provided guidance to playwrights nationwide.

    Our cast is made up entirely of talented DC-area actresses. You’ll hear more about these women as this campaign continues, so stay tuned!

    In a small company like ours, just $1,000 can make a big difference. Whether you’re helping us meet our goal with a gift of $15 or $250, you’ll be able to see the results of your contribution right there on the stage. And because our administrative team doesn’t take any salary or compensation, all donations will go straight to production costs and artists

    In addition to the practical, immediate impact on our production, your gift will make a statement about who and what you value in this hostile political climate.
    This administration threatens to cut arts funding: tell them you value artists. Our Vice President crusades against safe, legal abortions: tell him you value reproductive rights that benefit us all. Our President brags about sexual assault: tell him that you value, support, and respect women.

    Will your donation solve every one of those issues and save this country from itself? No. 

    Will it make you feel a bit better? Probably. 

    Will it be a meaningful part of a larger movement, and directly support a production that brings joy, energy, laughter, and sisterhood to audiences in the nation’s capital, thereby helping to reinvigorate all of us in our personal and political struggles? Hell yes.  

    So make a gift today.

    And if you can’t afford to give, don’t sweat it. We’re artists. We’ve been there. You can still be part of the story by sharing this fundraiser with friends and family, by coming to the play, and by supporting women artists any way you can.

    Theatre Prometheus is a non-profit organization devoted to working with local artists to explore and promote diverse, woman-focused narratives both by and for the communities we live in. We are a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Theatre Prometheus must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.



    Piss off Mike Pence

    Donate $5.00 or more

    Amount is fully tax-deductible.

    Send a message to our reps that we won’t be quiet when it comes to reproductive justice. With a donation of $5 or more, we’ll send the politician (or conservative uncle) of your choice a certificate alerting them of a donation made in their name.

    Your name in the program

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    When you make a donation of $40 or more, we’ll list your name in our program as a special thank you!

    Unframed poster

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    Get a memento of ABORTION ROAD TRIP or any of our previous productions with a beautifully designed 17” x 13” poster.

    Free ticket to ABORTION ROAD TRIP

    Donate $60.00 or more

    Amount over $20.00 is tax-deductible.

    What better way to see where your donation has gone than to see the show? Let us know the date you’re coming, and we’ll reserve a free ticket for you. (Please note that you’ll still have to purchase a Fringe button in order to attend.)

    Framed poster

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    Looking for something to hang on your wall? Show off your love of theater in your home with a 32” x 34 framed ABORTION ROAD TRIP print.

    Cast meet-and-greet

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    As one of our biggest supporters, we want to meet you! Let us know the date you’ll be attending the show, and our cast will meet you at the Fringe bar to chat, sign your program, and take pictures. We’ll also buy you the drink of your choice!

    Dinner with the director

    Donate $200.00 or more

    Amount over $60.00 is tax-deductible.

    For generous donations of $200 or more, you’ll dine with Artistic Director Tracey Erbacher to get a behind-the-scenes scoop on how ABORTION ROAD TRIP came together for the Fringe stage. For a key supporter like you, the meal is on us!