As his friends depart for college, a high school graduate must reckon with his imminent future stuck in a small town.

     Camp Hill, PA, United States
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    Cicadas is a film that is both personal and universal. It is a story about the time in all of our lives when we’re forced to make a decision that has the potential to change everything or nothing at all.

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    I’ve had a passion for storytelling ever since I was a child. But during high school, I grew conflicted about what career I wanted to pursue once I left. I was led to think I needed to follow a path similar to my friends. In the end, I realized I didn't need to become anyone else. Rediscovering the thing that gave me so much joy during that difficult part in my life helped me remember who I was all along.

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    Once I left high school, I had to say goodbye to a lot of things and people who were a part of my life so far. Cicadas is about coming to terms with this.


    I’m so excited to work with all of the incredibly talented individuals who are part of Cicadas. The crew has production experience ranging from student films, to TV shows like Girls and Saturday Night Live, brands like bareMinerals and Moet, and companies like First Look Media, USA/Syfy and Archer Gray, representing one of the most wide-ranging creative teams currently working at NYU. Let’s meet the team behind Cicadas:

    Evan Murray, Writer/Director

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    Evan Murray is a senior at NYU Tisch, majoring in Film and Television Production. Evan was born in Los Angeles, California and moved to Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in the 7th grade. Since coming to New York, he’s pursued his passion for storytelling and screenwriting in both film and television. His favorite bowling move has to be the “Turkey Sandwich”, but his favorite
    sandwich is an Italian sub. Evan is excited to begin working on Cicadas with his extremely talented team.

    Alec Shangold, Producer

    Alec Shangold is an alumnus of NYU’s prestigious Film and Television program. He currently works as a production manager at a small commercial house, Rebel Motion. Alec and Evan met when they both participated in a screenwriting study abroad program in fall 2016. Alec is incredibly excited to produce Evan’s final film at NYU and help tell such a powerful, relatable story.

    Neil Thekdi, Producer

    Neil Thekdi is an aspiring producer with a passion for bringing compelling ideas from the vision phase through execution. In his time at NYU, Neil has produced over a dozen films vastly ranging in scope, budget, and content. While currently interning in LA, Neil is extremely excited to be working with the team to help turn Evan's vision into a reality.

    Kylie Billings, Assistant Director

    Kylie is a recent graduate from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She aspires to be a film development executive, and in her spare time loves to read and write scripts. Kylie met Evan during their sophomore year in Sight and Sound: Studio and they've been a couple working together ever since. She is looking forward to be Evan’s Assistant Director on Cicadas. Her favorite bowling move is the “Granny”.

    Calvin Perez, Line Producer

    Calvin is a recent graduate from NYU and is currently living in NYC working as a writer. He has produced 3 NYU films and written several others. Calvin and Evan met during their Sight and Sound: Studio class in their sophomore year. Together, they've produced each other's films, co-written screenplays and even had time for some fun along the way. Calvin is ecstatic to help close out Evan's NYU career with Cicadas.

    Christian Forte, Director of Photography

    Christian Forte is a New York based cinematographer and gaffer currently in his senior year at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Growing up around cameras and photographers, he has always been fascinated with the unique and inspiring ways images can capture and tell a story. Since beginning his work in film, he has been in the camera and lighting departments on over 50 student and independent productions. He is stoked to join the production of Cicadas and looks forward to being a part of bringing this vision to life.

    Emma Taubner, Production Designer

    Emma graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Film and Television. She is currently a freelance video editor and production designer and has been on the art team for two dozen short films. This is her sixth NYU advanced film as a production designer. Emma can’t wait to help craft the world of Cicadas with Evan.


    Over the past few years, I’ve managed to put aside some money as a means of funding this project. However, we still have a ways to go before we’re able to pay for crew comfort (lodging amenities, food, etc.), equipment (lights, stands, lenses), and transportation to bring the cast, crew, and gear from NYC to Pennsylvania.
    We are looking to raise $6,500 with this campaign. Any contribution you make will be NOT ONLY reciprocated with an equivalent perk (see rewards page below), but EVERY DOLLAR DONATED IS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!
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    If you are unable to offer financial support to CICADAS, there are still plenty of other ways to help!

    In-kind donations can go a long way to help us make this film happen. We are looking for contributions of anything from snacks for craft services, meals, and bedding to feed and house our ~18 member cast and crew, coming from NYC to Camp Hill. And, like financial donations, select in-kind donations made to this project through Fractured Atlas are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

    If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, or have any questions about the project, feel free to email me at



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    Thank you so much for your contribution to CICADAS! I call this perk “The Roll-Out” because I think of $5 donations as a way to get the bowling ball rolling … LITERALLY. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and to thank you, I will personally track you down and give you a high-five. It can be a
    high-five, low-five, on the side, whatever kind of high-five you want! And the moment will be captured on film!

    The Spare

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    Thank you so much for your contribution to CICADAS! Two tries to knock down 10 pins, $1 for each pin. As a show of thanks, you will receive a SPECIAL THANKS credit that will SHOW in the end CREDITS of the film. *Includes previous perk*

    The Strike

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    Now that your contribution has exceeded the number of pins in a single round of bowling, you’ve earned a very special reward: a PERSONALIZED THANK YOU NOTE from me, Evan Murray, mailed to your address. Each note will include a BTS polaroid from the shoot, to give you a sneak peek at what’s in store for the film! *Includes previous perks*

    The Double

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    Whoa, two strikes in a row. You’re quite the skilled bowler … and generous donor! For said generosity, you will receive a DIGITAL COPY OF THE FILM upon completion of its post-production process. You will get to see the story come to life before ANYONE ELSE! *Includes previous perks*

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    Despite what this perk may be named, you’re clearly no chicken … 3 spares in a row is quite the bold statement. The same can be said for your donation of $100 or more, for which you will receive a digital BTS reel, documenting the set experience. Get the inside scoop on HOW we made CICADAS happen! *Includes previous perks*

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    Gobble gobble gobble, or should I say … STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE. You’ve gone pro, meaning you’ve earned a special prize. For a LIMITED NUMBER OF DONATIONS OF $250 OR MORE, you will receive a bowling pin signed by the cast and crew of CICADAS. Put it on your mantle, your dresser, in your trophy case … display it for the world to see! *Includes previous perks*

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    While in baseball three strikes means “You’re out,” in bowling it means you’re in with the in crowd! In this case, the in-crowd includes those who’ve donated upwards of $500. The first 10 donors to contribute $500 or more will receive a PERSONALIZED SONG, written and recorded FOR YOU BY ME! *Includes previous perks*

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    Wow. $1000 AND a game of nothing but strikes. You must be some kind of wizard!!! For your incredible generosity (and bowling prowess), you will receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT ON THE FILM! Be listed in the credits as an integral member of the team, because without you, this film wouldn’t exist. Thank you thank you 300x thank you! *Includes every single perk*