Merce, a fabulous comedy web series

    Merce, Season 2

    "Life can be positive when you're positive!" Help create season two of Merce, a colorful, joyous, bawdy musical comedy about an HIV+ man living in New York, and his outrageous friends and family.

     New York City, NY, United States
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    Merce, the award-winning musical comedy web series, shatters the old ideas of what someone living with HIV looks like. Season 1 introduced us to fabulous Merce, his straight-talkin' Mama, his slutty roommate Corvette, and the fabulous Fairies that inform and inspire Merce's inner musical fantasy life. They'll be back, along with boyfriend Remington, Corvette's special friend Jo, Ex-fiance Holly-Lynn-Jo-Rae Cullpepper-Boudroux, and new characters Aunt Bless, Todd (the whore), Lisa Minelli (Lisa with an 'S' not Liza with a 'Z'), Dr. Dikshits, and more!
    In Season 2, we'll be tackling more issues including mixed status relationships, secondary conditions to HIV, slut shaming and gay marriage, all told with saucy songs, naughty humor, and plenty of heart.

    This modern, provocative HIV series educates, entertains, and helps end the stigma of HIV. And you can be a part of making it happen!


    When Merce first came out in the summer of 2015, it was the only web show with an HIV+ lead character. Since its release, several other web series have come out using HIV themes, but none uses the musical comedy format, or approaches the subject with such humor, sass, and joie de vivre. Merce dispels the belief that life with HIV is automatically sad and lonely and tragic. In fact, Merce’s life is full of joy, friendships, family, dating, sex, all told with singing and dancing too.

    At this time when funding for the arts is being cut, healthcare is in jeopardy, and the White House is referring to people living with HIV as "HIV carriers," a show like Merce is more important than ever.



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