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    One Coast Collaboration is thrilled to announce a partnership with ACT Theater and together will launch the first annual ACTONE Festival this August.

    Now in its ninth year, One Coast Collaboration is an annual week-long collaborative workshop, between playwrights and Seattle artists, designed to establish lasting relationships ; support the development of new work; and produce those works in Seattle. A social and professional melting pot, OCC supports the exchange of ideas between creative communities and supports opportunities for both national playwrights and Seattle-based theater artists. We strive to create space for diverse voices and perspectives that represent the myriad stories of our country and city.

    The 2018 ACTONE Festival will support the work of the following playwrights

    Philip Dawkins directed by Michael Place Martyna Majok directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh Mara Nelson-Greenberg directed by Sheila Daniels Wayne Rawley & composer Martin Lowe directed by John Langs

    The ACTONE Festival will engage over 50 local and national artists in the development of four original plays culminating in full staged readings at ACT Theater in late August. On the final evening on August 26th we will host a Q&A with the artists of the festival beginning at 7:30pm in the Falls Theater at ACT.

    OCC is dedicated to the exchange of ideas between artists from around the country and our local community. We believe that these artists have something to gain from all that Seattle has to offer and that the Seattle community has much to gain from them. With this goal in mind, OCC celebrates the lasting bonds generated from the sharing of a wide range of perspectives, artistry, and experiences against the background of the stunning Seattle summer.

    We have already raised $8000 towards our 2018 festival and need your help to take this final step. The magnitude of even small donations has had a major impact on our festival over the past several years and we’d love to raise the majority of our goal through $25 donations.

    You can donate on this page or visit our campaign site at

    Thank you for your support. We can not do it without you.

    Michael Place OCC founding curator

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