The Campfire Project

    The Campfire Project-an artistic partnership with families in exile.

    The Campfire Project

    Action is Eloquence -- Shakespeare


    Conceived by actress and teacher Jessica Hecht,the Campfire Project provides a forum for Syrian refugees in a camp in Ritsonia, Greece to come together and share their voices through the transformative power of theatre.

    Within refugee camps, the demand for an artistic outlet is overwhelming. The residents’ basic physical needs are often met and yet an outlet for their trauma is not available. There are few community based projects that can provide relief from relentless boredom and the excruciating uncertainty of their situation.

    As a first offering, a core group of American artists, led by director Arin Arbus, will develop a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the residents of the camp. Syrian refugees and American artists will perform, design, build, compose and create the production. The Tempest was chosen because it offers a universal expression of the desolation of living in exile, the struggle for redemption and the human hope for a bit of magic.